Close ties

Our employees strive to build close relationships with our clients, so as to better understand their day-to-day banking needs. No matter where you are in Vaud, a BCV advisor is never more than a 20-minute drive away. And with nine regional decision-making centers across the canton, clients get responses quickly.

For me, building close ties with customers means being available for them and taking the time to really listen. I do that with my colleagues too, in order to create an environment conducive to open dialogue. That way I can better understand everyone’s concerns and expectations and deliver the best solutions possible.

Arnaud Meyer, Leysin Branch Manager

Arnaud Meyer


Our staff are committed to providing excellent customer service and delivering the right solutions. They are constantly expanding their knowledge, developing their skills and making use of best practices.

For me, professionalism means staying attuned to the needs of each client so that we can offer them the best possible service. It also means anticipating their needs so we can bring real value to the table when we meet with them.

Jonathan Pally, Oron Branch Manager

Jonathan Pally


Our people are results-oriented, always seeking pragmatic, effective solutions in their day-to-day work. They strive for excellence, one challenge at a time.

Performance at BCV means going the extra mile. If we never give up and always keep our eye on the long term, we’ll be successful.

Cristina Martinez, Broye Regional Manager - Personal Banking

Cristina Martinez


Our employees take responsibility for their actions, are conscientious in their work, and are loyal to BCV and its customers. The are guided by the code of ethics of their profession and by BCV's principles of social responsibility.

Taking responsibility means going the extra mile to make sure all of the customer’s needs are met. I hold myself accountable for my decisions and always seek to improve. I think that builds credibility.

Fabienne Comte, Personal Banking Advisor

Fabienne Comte

For more on how we live our values at BCV, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility section or download our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

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