Organization chart

  • Corporate Secretary
    L. Gherardi
  • Human Resources
    L. Ebener
  • Strategy & Organization
    J.A. Brinca
  • Corporate Communications
    D. Herrera
  • Finance & Risks
    T. W. Paulsen
    • Risk Management
      M. Mermier
    • Financial Accounting
      B. Werro
    • Controlling
      J.-B. Millais
    • ALM & Financial Management
      C. Cherdel
    • Compliance
      L. Burkhalter
    • Legal
      P. L'Eplattenier
  • Credit Management
    B. Sager
    • Credit Analysis – Retail
      E. Allemann
    • Credit Analysis – SMEs and Real-Estate Pro.
      P. Stalder
    • Credit Analysis – TF, Country & Bank
      F. Manfredi
    • Credit Analysis – Large Corporates
      E. Longchamp
    • Credit Analysis Support
      E. Despont
    • Credit Recovery Management
      F. Ausoni
  • Corporate Banking
    A. Diemant
    • SMEs
      D. Muller
    • Large Corporates
      P. Obrist
    • Real-Estate Professionals
      S. Roduit
    • Trade Finance
      A. Krieger
  • Private Banking
    G. Haeberli
    • Private Banking Key Clients
      G. Haeberli, a.i.
    • Onshore Private Banking
      P. Botteron
    • International Private Banking
      A. Croisier
    • Independent Asset Managers
      B. Rytz
  • Retail Banking
    J. F. Sierdo
    • Branch Offices
      Ph. Moix
    • Multicanal
      M. Charbonnel
  • Asset Management & Trading
    F. Welsch
    • Asset Management
      M. Aubry
    • Investment Policy
      F. Martins Da Silva
    • Occupational Pensions
      F. Bouvier
    • Trading
      E. Vauthey
  • Business Support
    C. Meixenberger
    • IT Development
      S. Messin
    • IT Systems Management
      D. Papeil
    • Facility Management & General Services
      C. Meixenberger, a.i.
    • Back Office
      O. Steffen
    • Global Custody
      P. Zufferey
    • Security
      M. Dion


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