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Never far away

With over 27,000 clients, BCV is one of the leading private wealth managers in Vaud Canton.

We have the most closely-knit branch network in Vaud and employ over 100 private-banking advisors. That means you are never more than a stone's throw away from top-notch expertise and services.

Gérard Haeberli, Head of Private Banking

Gérard Haeberli

Holistic approach

At BCV, we take a 360° approach that covers your personal fortune as well as your taxes, life insurance, estate planning, and disability coverage. Our personalized solutions give you and your family financial peace of mind – no matter what surprises life may have in store.

Independent asset managers

As an independent asset manager, you have access to BCV's high-performance online platform, top-notch specialists and one of the largest trading rooms in French-speaking Switzerland.

Financial news and insights

Stay up-to-date on the latest business and market trends with our publications, videos, apps, and more. You can also get insights from renowned experts at industry events we hold regularly with our partners.

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