e-Savings account

As an online-only account, our e-Savings account offers a higher interest rate than our conventional Savings account. It’s linked to your BCV current account, so you can withdraw cash from either account simply by using your debit card (Maestro® or Visa Debit) at BCV ATMs.


  • Lets you keep your savings in an account you can access online and at ATMs
  • You can manage your account anytime, anywhere


  • This online-only account must be linked to a BCV current account. You can put aside as much money as you want in your e-Savings account and withdraw cash from either account with your debit card (Maestro® or Visa Debit).
  • One of the best interest rates currently on the market for savings accounts.
  • An excellent way to get a better return on money that you want to have handy.

Fees and conditions



Fees and conditions


20 years and older

Withdrawal terms

  • 12 withdrawals/year included
  • CHF 10,000/month limit
  • 3 months’ notice required for larger amounts

Annual fee


Interest rate

Account rates and conditions

Other conditions

Available only as part of a Direct banking pack

 * Based on current interest rates

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BCV Start Invest

Le plan d’épargne en fonds BCV Start Invest vous offre l’opportunité d’accéder aux marchés financiers même avec des montants modestes et de disposer à long terme de meilleures perspectives de rendements qu’avec une épargne traditionnelle.

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Épargne BCV

Brochure (in French) about BCV’s various savings accounts.

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Custodial Savings account: How it works

Informational flyer (in French) about BCV’s Custodial Savings accounts, an attractive solution that lets you build a nest egg to give to a special child in your life when they turn 18.

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