Vested Benefits account

If you pay into an occupational pension fund and decide to leave your job, then our Vested Benefits account is for you. It lets you continue growing your retirement savings while you are not working.


  • The interest you receive is not subject to income tax and is net of Switzerland's withholding tax.
  • The money in your account is not subject to wealth tax; it is taxed at a reduced rate when you take it out.
  • When you die, your vested benefits go to the legal beneficiaries and are not treated as part of your estate.


Tax-free interest at an attractive rate

The variable interest rate on our Vested Benefits account is higher than that on our standard savings account.

A Vested Benefits account is designed for three main situations:

  • You temporarily leave your job and no longer pay into a Swiss occupational pension fund: you can keep growing your pension assets until you sign up with a new fund.
  • You start a new job and your new employer's occupational pension fund does not accept all of your vested pension benefits.
  • You decide to become self-employed.


We offer two types of Vested Benefits accounts:

  • A Vested Benefits Savings Account, which is like a regular savings account but has a higher interest rate. Your capital is protected with this account.
  • A Vested Benefits Growth Account, which lets you invest in the financial markets (within the limits set forth in Swiss occupational pension law). Note that the value of investments in financial markets can go up as well as down, so you should be well aware of the risks before investing.

Fees and conditions


Fees and conditions

Interest rate

  • 0.01%

Availability of funds

  • Within five years before or after the legal retirement age
  • If you want to buy a home (conditions apply)
  • If you leave Switzerland permanently (conditions apply)
  • If you become self-employed
  • If you become eligible for full disability benefits under the Swiss social security system

Other conditions

  • From 18 years of age to the legal retirement age

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