Mastercard® PrePaid card

Using a PrePaid card automatically keeps your spending under control so you can enjoy life without the worry of going overboard. Simply put as much money on the card as you want to spend and reload it as often as you like. Perfect for students or anyone who has to stick to a budget.

Carte PrePaid


  • Pay for purchases online and in shops around the world
  • Stick to your budget without a thought: you can spend only as much as you have loaded on the card
  • Enjoy our best price guarantee: we'll refund the difference if you find an item purchased with the card cheaper someplace else

Accepted around the world

Use your PrePaid card anywhere you are, whether in Switzerland or travelling abroad. You can even withdraw cash in the local currency when you're in another country. The card can be linked to an account in Swiss francs, euros, or dollars. And you can track your card transactions and balance online.


Contactless payments 

With our cards, you can make payments of up to CHF 80 with a simple wave of your hand. No need to sign a receipt or enter a PIN.


Mobile payments

  • Security of online purchases through the validation of transactions on the One application
  • Digital wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Swatch Pay!, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay)


Online services with BCV-Net et BCV Mobile

  • Keep track of your payments
  • Cancel a lost or stolen card
  • Receive bills free of charge


Automatic cap on spending

Your PrePaid card makes it easy to keep a tight rein on your spending, since you decide how much money to put on the card. You can reload the card as often as you like, and even do it online through BCV-net. The card will be credited in three business days.


Best price guarantee

With your PrePaid card, you can finally make your impulse purchases without worrying about shopping around. Why? Because if you do find a lower price somewhere else, we'll refund the difference. (Limits apply, and the refund request must be made within two weeks of the purchase.) Learn more at


Loyalty points 

Every time you use your PrePaid card, you collect surprize points that you can trade in for special offers and discounts.


Lost or stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, cancel it immediately:

  • via BCV-net or BCV Mobile
  • via Viseca’s “one” app
  • by contacting Viseca at 058 958 8000 (24/7)

Fees and conditions



Minimum age

14 years old with the signature of a parent or legal guardian

Monthly spending limit

CHF 10,000 (CHF 3,000 for Youth accounts)

What's the next step?

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from 7:30am to 7:30pm

0844 228 228

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