Variable-rate mortgage loan

Our variable-rate mortgage loan lets you buy or renovate a home while retaining maximum flexibility on your mortgage payments. The ideal option when interest rates are high and you think they’ll go down. Because interest rates can fluctuate from one day to the next, bear in mind that they can also go up.


Highly flexible

Our variable-rate mortgage loan does not have a set term, giving you maximum flexibility. The interest rate tracks variations in the capital markets, meaning it fluctuates as long as you hold this loan. You can switch to another type of mortgage loan at any time.

Taux variable

Minimize risk by combining interest rates

To reduce interest-rate risk, you can divide your mortgage loan into multiple tranches with different interest-rate conditions (fixed-rate, variable-rate, or short term). That can help protect you against higher interest rates when you renew your mortgage.


Combinaison de taux

Mortgage repayment

You can pay down your mortgage either directly or indirectly.

Direct repayment

With the direct repayment option, you make regular mortgage payments to BCV. These payments will be applied to the loan principal and interest, and your overall mortgage debt will decrease over time. However, your tax charge will increase every year since you can deduct only the interest payments.


Amortissement direct

Indirect repayment

With the indirect repayment option, instead of making mortgage payments directly to BCV, you put the money into a third-pillar retirement account that you pledge to BCV. This option offers some tax advantages: you can deduct the payments made to your retirement account from your taxable income; and you maximize the amount of your tax-deductible mortgage debt.


Amortissement indirect prêt hypothécaire

Fees and conditions


Fees and conditions


  • Maximum loan amount: 80% of the purchase price
  • Minimum loan amount: CHF 200,000
  • Minimum downpayment: 20% of the purchase price
  • Mortgage and interest payments plus home maintenance should not exceed a third of your household income
  • Mortgage term: No limit


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