Building Plus loan

Looking for a loan to build your own home? Our Building Plus loan provides worry-free financing – and you don't have to start paying it back until construction is complete.



  • With Building Plus, you need to take out only one loan – with only one interest rate – for both the construction of your home and the subsequent mortgage.
  • Because you can choose the term of your loan (from four to ten years), you can pick a repayment schedule that works with your budget.
  • Your building loan will convert into a mortgage loan once the construction of your home is complete. But the date for the switch doesn't have to be specified when you contract the loan.

Loan repayment

The amount of your loan will grow as your home is being built, to cover the cost of the ongoing work. We will draw on your loan to pay the building expenses against invoices signed by you and the contractors doing the work (architect, builder, plumber, electrician, etc.). You will be charged interest only on the amount of money actually used to pay those expenses.

Once your home has been built, the building loan will automatically convert into a mortgage loan with the same interest rate.

Fees and conditions


Fees and conditions


  • Maximum loan amount: 80% of the purchase price
  • Minimum loan amount: CHF 100,000
  • Minimum downpayment: 20% of the purchase price
  • Mortgage and interest payments plus home maintenance should not exceed a third of your household income
  • Loan term: 4–10 years

The ideal mortgage financing package often consists of a custom-tailored combination of fixed-rate and variable-rate loans with different terms. We will work closely with you to determine the solution that best meets your needs.


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Bonus Vert


La BCV vous offre 12 mois d’intérêts à 0% sur votre prêt hypothécaire à taux fixe ou votre prêt de Construction Plus (dès une durée minimale de 5 ans) pour financer un bien immobilier ou des travaux de rénovation répondant à des critères écologiques. 

Découvrir le Bonus Vert

Notre Guide de la rénovation énergétique vous livre les étapes clés et les aides disponibles pour mener à bien vos travaux de rénovation énergétique. 

La rénovation est considérée comme écologique si au moins 25% du montant global (montant minimum du crédit: CHF 20 000) servent à la réalisation d’économies d’énergie éligibles à des subventions. Vous trouverez de plus amples informations sur cette offre sur


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