A device to scan your QR bills

Rather than entering all your QR bill payment details by hand, simply use an optical reader designed to scan the QR code. It’s a more efficient and reliable alternative that also works with BVR (orange) payment slips.


Scan your bills with PayEye

PayEye is a new optical reader developed by Crealogix that can scan QR codes and the reference line in BVR (orange) payment slips.

It’s a timesaving alternative to entering payment details by hand, especially if you have to pay a large number bills every payment cycle.


  • You can scan your bills and upload the payment details to BCV-net or to your payment software with just one click.
  • It works with both QR bills and orange payment slips.
  • It connects to your computer via Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • It's compatible with over 300 payment software programs.
  • You can charge it using a USB-C cable or a docking station.

Special offer through BCV

BCV customers can order a BCV PayEye optical reader (charging station and USB cable included) at a discount price of CHF 240.

Order a PayEye


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