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  • Our direct banking pack is designed specifically for people who prefer the simplicity and flexibilty of online banking. That means you make all your payments and set up standing orders on our online banking platform.


Our Direct banking pack includes:

  • A current account: An exclusively online option to manage your day-to-day finances
  • An e-Savings account: This online-only account offers a higher interest rate
  • A Maestro® card: To make cashless purchases and withdraw and deposit money at BCV and other cantonal bank ATMs (over 1,700 ATMs across Switzerland)
  • BCV-net, BCV Mobile, and BCV TWINT: Digital solutions for your everyday banking needs
  • BCV EXTRA: For discounts on a range of activities simply by showing your Maestro® card

You can also get:

Fees and conditions

  •  No fee if you hold at least CHF 10,000 in assets at BCV (otherwise CHF 3.50/month)
  • No monthly fee for the first 6 months for new customers


For information on other accounts or services, see the BCV account terms and conditions.

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