Retirement simulator


Your projected revenues after retiring

1 What is your marital status?
For the purposes of social security, you are considered a couple if you are married or in a registered partnership.
2 What is your household's net annual income?
.- CHF
3 What is the estimated amount of retirement savings shown on your occupational pension fund statement?
You can find this amount on the pension statement issued by your pension fund each year.
.- CHF
4How much savings do you have?
Your savings and investments (including savings accounts, Epargne 3 accounts, stocks and bonds, investment funds, etc.). Do not include any property owned.
.- CHF


At retirement

0.- CHF
0.- CHF
  • Leisure
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Food
Use this pyramid to compare your current lifestyle with what you can expect after retirement.


The figures here have been obtained from various kinds of data entered and calculation assumptions. If you prefer a personalized analysis, please get in touch with one of our advisors. No strings attached!

Useful document

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My retirement budget

This document helps you keep track of your expenses and manage your budget when you retire.

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